ICONO Excellence


Live an unforgettable experience…

At ICONO Excellence we design experiences for those who seek authenticity in Catalonia. From the first contact, we work to create the best personalized experiences so that your time is taken advantage of in the most optimal and comfortable way. Our more than 20 years in the industry force us to do so.

We listen and personalize your stay so that you can know, in a unique way, the great cultural universe that is hidden in Catalonia in general, and in Barcelona in particular. And for that, what better than to propose to be accompanied by the best team of guides; Officers, selected, trained in humanities and languages and local, who will turn their time into a true immersion in the native culture.

What do we offer?

  • Rediscover Barcelona and Catalonia as you had never imagined before.
  • Cultural events customized according to your time and likes.
  • Unique gastronomic experiences at outstanding restaurants.
  • A professional and selected team.