Where we are

Our central office is in the heart of Barcelona. A few metres from Plaza Catalunya, on Portal de l’Angel.

At the height of the Middle Ages, this area was located outside of the roman city wall, close to a road that led out of the city. In the 13th century a gateway (portal in Spanish) was opened here, named “dels Orbs” (meaning ‘of the blind’). It is said that when San Vicente Ferrer visited Barcelona in 1419, an angel appeared here and declared it was there to watch over the city, which is how the street got its name. In November 1466 a statue of the guardian angel was erected at the request of King Pere IV. However, this statue was destroyed during the Civil War.

Now a statue of an angel has been reinstated at Portal del Ángel in a small niche on the outside of the Banco de España building. This statue was created in 1957 by Ángel Ferrant (Madrid, 1891 to 1961), from a design made by Eugeni d’Ors.

The statue is just opposite our office.

Portal del angel ICONO

As well as Barcelona, you can find us in other historical centres around Catalonia: